Restructuring & Insolvency

All businesses have financial pressures but sometimes those pressures become issues through changing economic conditions, incorrect funding structures, pension issues, increased competition, simple misjudgements or occasionally mismanagement. Whatever the issue, there are choices to be made and we can help you with those.


With a deep knowledge and understanding of the business world we are able to provide you, whether you’re a director, a manager, lender, shareholder, investor or a supplier with astute and above all commercial advice. The team have strong relationships with insolvency practitioners, turnaround professionals, lenders and other financial institutions and investors.

Restructuring & refinancing

Requires legal advisers that not only work quickly, efficiently and effectively but that also understand both the factual matrix and the legal backdrop against which the debt exists.

Whether you owe, or are owed, a little or a lot on a bilateral, syndicated, secured or unsecured basis, we can guide you through a debt structuring, restructuring or refinancing, however complex and time sensitive it might be.

Business & asset acquisitions/sales

Acquiring a business and assets out of insolvency can be a daunting process. It's generally very time sensitive and always carried out on a no recourse basis where the buyer takes the risk that the business and assets are what they appear to be.  So buyers need a team to guide them through the risks and pitfalls and that's where we come in, we know the advice you need and make sure you get it. 

As for selling a distressed business and assets, we can do that too. We have extensive experience in acting for insolvency practitioners, know their pressure points and what's required to get the job done.

Formal insolvency processes

Whether its liquidation, administration, a compulsory voluntary arrangement, scheme of arrangement or receivership and whether its invited, friendly or hostile, we know all about it and we know all about what happens after the process has commenced too.

We regularly advise on the complex acts and rules governing insolvency and the rights and duties of office holders and creditors. It can get pretty complicated and therefore it’s important that you're, and that you know that you're, in the hands of advisers who will always guide you correctly, pragmatically and commercially to the best result for you in the circumstances.

Defending claims

Following insolvency a number of situations may arise when directors, former directors, de facto directors, shadow directors, their partners/spouses, family members and third parties could face claims against them from liquidators, administrators or even creditors.

Facing such allegations is daunting and frightening but we know just how to deal with and, in many situations, defeat such claims.

Asset tracing & recovery

Whether assistance is required with the collection of debts, investigating and locating hidden assets, recovering unlawful dividends and salaries or transactional avoidance we act quickly and commercially on your behalf.

We are only too aware of the cost pressures involved and work closely with third party funders and counsel on a contingency basis to offer the right funding solution and avoid costs being a bar to recovery.

Directors disqualification

Being accused of wrongdoing or facing the threat of being disqualified as a director, even more so, is distressing. We have the inside track in defending directors or, where necessary, negotiating undertakings and avoiding disqualification altogether.

If already disqualified, we can advise on the prospects of applying to court for permission to remain or become a director and we can even seek to reduce the period of disqualification in certain circumstances.   

Creditor services

If your customer becomes insolvent or refuses to pay, this is not the end of the story. We are experts in maximising the recovery of what you're owed and taking steps to ensure you're best placed to recover goods you have supplied or deposits paid.

Our specialist team can advise you of your rights and likely returns. If you're a landlord, we know how to ensure payment of future rent where a tenant is contemplating a voluntary arrangement or enters an insolvency process.


As accredited mediators, we understand all the mediation routes so whether we're advising directors, partners or employees, we're able to assess both parties' positions with a level of fairness and accuracy. We also have extensive experience of designing and implementing in-house mediation in addition to undertaking the mediations ourselves.

Insolvency cases are often complicated and certain aspects may be difficult to prove in court. Wrongful trading is a prime example, it's extremely difficult to prove that a director knew or ought to have known that a company was going to go into liquidation. The courts expect parties to attempt to settle matters themselves before issuing proceedings and mediation provides an effective way of reaching a settlement.

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