Mediation is a way of resolving disputes by appointing an independent third party mediator who must remain neutral throughout the process and carefully consider both sides of the matter. The goal is to find an outcome that satisfies both parties.

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As accredited mediators, we understand all the mediation routes so whether we're advising directors, partners or employees, we're able to assess both parties' positions with a level of fairness and accuracy. We also have extensive experience of designing and implementing in-house mediation in addition to undertaking the mediations ourselves.

Disputes at work

Whether proceedings have started or not, mediation is a successful way to resolve disputes at work. Mediation works best when:

  • there is conflict between individuals or within a team
  • an employer or employee feels bullied or harassed
  • an individual feels discriminated against
  • an employee is suffering from stress at work
  • poor performance is an issue
  • bonus or other contracted terms are in dispute
  • there is dissatisfaction over equal pay

Whilst these are examples of the common use of mediation, to discuss your situation, please call Jon Taylor.


Insolvency cases are often complicated and certain aspects may be difficult to prove in court. Wrongful trading is a prime example, it's extremely difficult to prove that a director knew or ought to have known that a company was going to go into liquidation.  The courts expect parties to attempt to settle matters themselves before issuing proceedings and mediation provides an effective way of reaching a settlement.

To discuss your situation, please contact Damon Watt.


Our experienced team provide mediation training for directors, managers and HR specialists. All our training courses are designed to give delegates the confidence to deal promptly and effectively with difficult issues. The team can deliver pre-designed mediation courses or can design and deliver bespoke individually tailored courses.


Partnership mediation proves particularly effective when a partner is under performing and no longer justifies their profit share; or the pressure of work has led to extended time off; or where senior partners have been accused of harassment and bullying. However, there are other circumstances where mediation should be the first port of call for any partnership disagreements. 

To discuss your situation, please contact Damon Watt.

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