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We provide practical and comprehensive advice on Wills, inheritance tax, trusts, lasting powers of attorney and estate administration.

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Managing and protecting your wealth is important to you and it’s important that we can help you effectively to do this. Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur or someone of independent wealth, taking steps now will allow you to manage and structure your assets so that you not only protect your wealth but you fulfil any aims that you may have for the future. We provide advice that delivers solutions, not advice that focuses on the process.

Wills & Succession Planning

“…In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin


By making a Will you can ensure that your estate passes, in a tax efficient manner, to those you wish to benefit. Without an up to date Will, your estate may be divided in accordance with intestacy rules or under the terms of an old Will, resulting in your estate passing to individuals whom you do not want inheriting your wealth or resulting in beneficiaries receiving too much too soon. You may also wish to make provision for charitable or philanthropic purposes.


Whether your financial position and wishes are simple or complex we can prepare Wills that are tax efficient and tailored to your needs. We also work with you to consider the terms of any Trusts or gifts to protect your assets and ensure that beneficiaries receive their inheritance at an appropriate time. As a trusted advisor we shall ensure that, through effective drafting, your wealth is passed on as you intend and is also managed efficiently for future generations.


Preparing a Will is not a simple task and certainly not something to be taken lightly, however, by getting to know you, we can guide you with choosing suitable executors and trustees, to give you the comfort that your estate will be managed according to your wishes. 


If your existing Will becomes outdated or a life changing event renders them unfit for purpose we can also review and update it where necessary.

To find out what might happen to your Estate if a Will is not put in place, please click here.

Trusts, Tax & Asset Protection

Whether you have acquired wealth through your personal efforts, through running a business venture or by way of family wealth, you may have assets that you want to transfer and protect for multiple generations of your family. A Trust will allow you to do so.


We will guide you through the tax legal and family considerations to ensure you receive the appropriate advice for your circumstances including the creation and management of trusts and bespoke family investment companies, ensuring that the trust fulfils its purpose and that your chosen trustees fulfil their fiduciary obligations.


Building a longstanding relationship with you to understand your aims, we shall also be there, should the need arise, so that we can help advise effectively and efficiently throughout the duration of the trust.

Probate & Estate Administration

We work with straightforward estates to the most complex involving trusts and assets, including assets situated in other jurisdictions.


When a loved one has passed away, obtaining the probate can be a daunting exercise. We frequently act as executors of estates but can also advise executors in respect of their obligations and duties on probate matters. We can assist with ascertaining the full extent of assets and liabilities of an estate and complete the required inheritance tax reporting forms in order to obtain the Grant of Probate. We can then proceed to advise with the estate administration.


If you are in the process of obtaining the Grant of Probate or administering the estate and there are indications of contentious issues or matters have become contentious, we can advise at whatever stage in proceedings you have reached.


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