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It is increasingly important to ensure that all your staff are trained and knowledgeable in the rules, procedures and policies associated with employment law. Our HR specialists provide training for Tesco, Santander, Arcadia, Blockbusters, and Selfridges, as well as owner-managed businesses.


Our experienced team deliver training that is designed to give managers the confidence to deal promptly and effectively with difficult issues and geared towards providing a positive working environment and promoting employee engagement.

Disciplinary, grievances & appeals

The amount of management time spent on these important issues has increased in recent years. It is essential that managers not only use their time efficiently but that they act fairly towards the employee, whilst protecting the business.

Through a detailed understanding of the legal requirements, the recommendations of the ACAS Code and your own company procedures, managers will understand what is required of them.

Role play will provide the opportunity to rehearse the skills required.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • How to approach difficult issues
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Analysing and testing evidence
  • Conducting a disciplinary hearing
  • Your role in an appeal

Workplace behaviour

It is often said that banter is the most dangerous word in the employment dictionary. This programme considers how a safe balance can be achieved and helps the manager work on their own skills.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • The manager’s role in defining workplace culture
  • What is acceptable behaviour
  • Dealing with unacceptable behaviour
  • Bullying and discrimination
  • Protecting the business
  • Creating an environment conducive to work

Mediation for HR professionals

80% of all disputes referred to mediation are satisfactorily resolved within one day. This programme develops the skills required by managers to conduct mediation through role play and practice and is suitable for those who wish to conduct mediation themselves or wish to understand which types of cases can be resolved by mediation.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • An explanation of mediation
  • Identifying and practising mediation skills
  • Understanding the process
  • How mediation works best
  • Mock mediation

Sensitivity issues

Human nature can encourage us to duck the difficult problems and focus on the straightforward. This programme identifies those situations which require special attention, helps develop the skills necessary and builds confidence to deal with the issue.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • Dealing with stress and absence
  • Employee retirement
  • Conducting difficult conversations
  • Resolving personality conflicts
  • Harassment and bullying

Managing people

This programme was developed jointly with a leading FTSE 100 company. Its aim is to give newly appointed managers the confidence to manage problems effectively. It was described by their HR Director as “the best programme of its type we have ever run in the business”.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • The role of the manager
  • Correcting poor performance
  • Dealing with both short term and long term absence
  • Dealing with the rule breakers – Bullies and harassers
  • Protecting yourself and the business

This programme can be extended to 2 days, to include role play and skills development.

Restructuring the workforce

Outside pressures, downturns in business and strategic re-direction all bring the need to restructure the workforce. Redundancies may or may not always be necessary but, whatever the degree of change, problems have to be approached with care, if morale is to be conserved and expensive legal pitfalls avoided.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • Establishing if you have a redundancy situation
  • What procedure you should adopt
  • Changing employment contracts
  • Outsource services options
  • What is TUPE and will it apply
  • Consultation with the workforce and dealing with Trade Unions
  • Employee engagement after change

Managing diversity

Creating an environment in which everyone feels able to give of their best, and are engaged in the business or its goals regardless of their sex, race, persuasion, disability, age etc. is a prerequisite of modern management. No business can afford to lose or inhibit staff who would otherwise be giving 100% to their employment.


It is likely that you will want to cover the following:

  • Creating the level playing field
  • Dealing with harassment
  • The elements of sex and race discrimination
  • Age discrimination and the retirement age
  • Who is disabled and how shall we deal with them?
  • Protecting the manager and the business

Employment law for HR Managers

From time to time HR Mangers require an overview in the ever changing world of employment legislation.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • The contract of employment
  • Employees rights during employment
  • Discrimination and equal opportunities
  • Discipline and dismissal
  • Current challenges

Tribunals & witness training

Understanding the process and knowing what is expected are important aspects in preparing for an employment tribunal. It is essential that witnesses have confidence, particularly those who have conducted disciplinary and appeal hearings.

This programme generally include the following, but can be tailored:

  • How the tribunal works
  • Drafting witness statements
  • Giving evidence and cross examination
  • Practice with a mock tribunal

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