Digital Infrastructure & Sustainability

We work with landowners, infrastructure providers and other operators to provide specialist legal advice on telecommunication and digital infrastructure agreements. We embrace technological innovation and connectivity that creates sustainable local communities and helps tackle the global challenges of climate change.

What we can do for you

With a need for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint, we can help with the implementation of EV charging infrastructure to support the transition to sustainable mobility. With the additional need to maintain and improve connectivity our team of specialist lawyers can also help you to understand the complex issues associated with and the impact of the Electronic Communications Code (“ECC”). The ECC can also impact upon certain wayleave agreements and deeds of easements, but don't worry as we can help with those too!

Electronic Communications

Our electronic communications expertise and our network of leading industry experts makes us well-placed to deal with all types of digital infrastructure such as those relating to telecommunications, broadcasting and fibre services.


We understand the importance of connectivity to all consumer types and can assist with the renewal and/or grant of code agreements, in-build leases and 1954 Act leases (whether or not granted by wholesale infrastructure providers). We also offer specialist electronic communications advice on variations to existing legal documents, freehold acquisitions, long leasehold interests, surrenders, assignments, asset transfer agreements, wayleaves, easements, framework agreements and relocation agreements to name a few.


As well as working on day-to-day legal transactions, we advise and where required provide administrative support to the implementation of client strategic individual or business goals.

Dispute Resolution

We advise on commercial disputes, both in court proceedings and tribunal proceedings. We also deal with lease renewal proceedings, whether opposed or unopposed.


We assist with the service of notices pursuant to the Electronic Communications Code and provide specialist, tailored commercial advice throughout the notice procedure, along with advice on how to invoke/exercise the relevant statutory rights or provision.

Find out more about our Dispute Resolution experience.


We understand the importance for businesses and local authorities to become more sustainable. We can help facilitate this by assisting with the legal requirements and legal agreements essential to implementing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points and create a reliable charging infrastructure.


We also understand the need for property developers to meet their “sustainable energy obligations” under the Town and Country Planning Act. Demand from residents and tenants for EV charging within new developments is therefore increasing, alongside developers’ responsibility to make sure their developments are ready for the future.

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