If you're considering a merger, acquisition or joint venture with another business, or looking to sell, we have a wealth of experience for you to tap into, undertaking all manner of business transactions.


We advise companies, management teams, investors and debt providers from business start ups and first round finance agreements through to mergers and acquisitions, management buy outs, development funding and then selling. As well as providing support in a stand alone transaction, we advise on corporate governance issues, restructuring a business, reorganising ownership structures or shareholder agreements or share option plans. Realistically, we cannot list everything we do, because it would be a very long list! It’s how we’ll work for you that sets us apart. We build strong relationships with who we work with whether they're in-house lawyers, company secretaries, management boards or business owners. It’s what we do.

Buying a business

If you're looking to buy a business, we have the experience to negotiate a successful outcome. We work closely with you to deliver the right result.

Our decisions are based on what you need, not what we think you need and you can rest assured that your acquisition team will have been there before, even though the process might seem confusing to you. Warranties, indemnities and tax covenants are our bread and butter. Our specialist due diligence team work as part of our acquisition team, leaving no stone unturned.

Selling a business

Selling your business could be a once in a lifetime experience. We make the process as painless as possible (and try to have a little fun along the way).

From groups of companies disposing of subsidiaries to families, groups or individuals, we have extensive experience selling to both UK and overseas buyers. We’re widely known in the professional communities for this kind of deal and we’re very good at it. Focusing on delivering your sale proceeds as quickly as possible, with the least risk, is one of the things we do best.

Investing in a business

With a wealth of experience of working with investors and management teams, we understand the issues are similar but its about looking at it from different angles. Rest assured, that's what we do.

Whilst we may have a reputation of advising on large investments, we work with many first time management teams or first time investors. Whether we’re looking at leaver provisions, drag rights, restrictive covenants or management controls, or you're taking in seed or growth capital, we can safely take you through the investment process.

Structuring a business

One of the key agreements a business should have in place is a solid, correctly drafted shareholders agreement. However, as this isn't a legal requirement many companies, at least initially, function without one but we would always advise that there is one in place.

Not all businesses are the same and the dynamics between shareholders are always different. Often the directors are the same people as the shareholders and because of this, the lines can easily be blurred between when to wear your director hat or your shareholder hat.  

We also provide invaluable advice about ways to incentivise your employees. At the right time, bringing members of your management team into ownership of your business can be the right thing to do. We can prepare EMI Option Schemes and advise on other employee share schemes.

Spending time planning for situations before they occur can save huge amounts of time and cost in the long run. 

Restructuring a business

When businesses need to restructure, it's something that often needs to be done quickly and efficiently. We will work closely with your accountants and tax advisers ensuring the end result is delivered within the required timeframe.

Restructures may be required because a business was built through acquisition leaving parts of the business in different companies, or maybe the business has acquired assets, like a freehold property that now needs to be extracted from the group. 

We can help you with asset transfers and hive-ups, share capital reductions and reorganisations and demergers and transferring assets out of a group.

Company secretarial

We offer a comprehensive, efficient and cost effective range of company secretarial services giving you peace of mind that your company or corporate group is correctly complying with the law.

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Data Room

We operate our own online secure data room. The due diligence team run the data room as part of the service we offer when acting for buyers or sellers of companies. But not only that, you can utilise the data room to build up your own secure electronic data bank, whether on part of your day to day business or in anticipation of a transaction.

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