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Employment Safety Net

Employment Safety Net

Employment Safety Net provides:

1. Advice
As and when you need it.
You will have a dedicated team of experienced employment solicitors who will spend time getting to know you, your business and your policies through an agreed implementation plan. That way when you need advice it will be tailored to your individual needs and commercial objectives. Employment advice is not generic. Your sector and type of work have a significant impact on the standards that can be required of employees.
We will help you to solve problems quickly - provide a clear framework within which you can manage your staff and deal with the minority who don't comply, safely.
You will be encouraged to take action when necessary. Unlike many other employment support services, we will not be unnecessarily obstructive or cautious. We will protect you - but never forget who owns the business.

2. Policies and procedures
As part of our Employment Safety Net we can audit and advise on all your current key policies and procedures, recommend changes, deal with any omissions and automatically notify you of updates when required by legal changes.
As staff need to know what is expected of them, clearly drafted Policies and Procedures will form the basis of firm but fair management.

3. Contracts
We can also audit and advise on your employment contracts and tell you when you need to change them.

4. Information
We will not bombard you with irrelevant newsletters but provide regular, focused bulletins for you, keeping you abreast of those things you really need to know. You will receive 'newsflashes' when urgent action is required.

5. Training
You will be offered free quarterly training on a variety of topics at our offices, to keep you and your colleagues informed and up to date on the practical implications of the legal framework which affects your business.

6. Our aim
Our principal aim is to let you get on with running your business, confident in the knowledge that your legal responsibilities and day to day issues are being taken care of by qualified advisers who know your business and who do not take an unnecessarily cautious approach - at a fixed, and therefore predictable, cost.

We base our charges on the number of employees you have.
We deliberately do not factor in costs for defending Employment Tribunal claims. There has been a significant drop in Employment Tribunal claims and tailored specialist employment reduces the risk of action.
The median award for compensation for an unfair dismissal claim £6,955.
The likelihood of receiving a claim, coupled with the level of damages, means that paying for insurance against claims and compensation is typically an unnecessary expense.
Providers of 'insurance backed' schemes charge around 40% more than the rates that we can offer. It is often the case that schemes which are insurance backed give rise, by their very nature, to cautious advice.

Discounted rates
Should it be necessary for you to defend an Employment Tribunal claim, or undertake a specific project, we will agree a fixed price with you in advance. However, charges will reflect a discount of at least 20% on our standard rates.
VAT will be charged on all fees.

For further information on the Employment Safety Net contact Louise Holder.