Commercial Contracts

Understanding you and your business is key to providing the strategic commercial advice that offers you the right solution, delivered on time and in budget.


Whether we're negotiating, drafting or reviewing trading contracts for a start up company or a global brand, we always start with what's in the client's best commercial interests.

Data protection

The protection of an individual’s personal data needs to be balanced against the business’ need to store and use information. Can you guarantee that data is safe from loss or theft? What will you do if an employee asks for copies of their personal data? Are you doing everything that you should be in respect of your marketing initiatives?

With significant changes on the horizon, not least the introduction of game changing fines if you get it wrong, now’s the time to get your data protection house in order. We can help ensure that you are ready.

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Whether you’re a technology innovator, developer or user, or whether you supply or manufacture products, we can provide advice and assistance in relation to projects in the following fields: software development, procurement and technology licensing including alternative energy systems. We can also help you on co-operation, collaboration and strategic alliances and on website and ecommerce compliance.

Contracts will always be tailored to your specific needs and will reflect our understanding of the business involved and the commercial deal.


It's vital that the effect of competition law is considered in all trading arrangements as the implications of falling foul of the law are expensive with significant fines and criminal sanctions. We can get your agreements in a form that keeps you on the right side of the law.

Competition law also applies if you are planning a merger and we’ll help you to achieve a merger or acquisition through our control process. We can ensure you don’t breach competition law by drafting procedures and compliance programmes and training your staff on the implications.


Businesses often begin trading with the flexibility of a partnership and professional practices often set up as limited liability partnerships (LLPs). We’ll advise on the options available and then help you set up the form of business structure that works for you.

Knowing that business models change over time, we can also convert your partnership to an LLP and help with resolving the breakdown of professional relationships, exit strategies, retirement and expulsions issues.

Distribution strategy

If you’re manufacturing or supplying goods, your choice of how you distribute those goods is vitally important to commercial success. Will you appoint distributors or agents to resell? Or will you sell directly? We’ll consider with you the best strategy for your business and the protection of your brand.

If trading internationally, we can call on our contacts at law firms around the globe for advice on local laws, enforcement and other key issues.  

Terms of business

Do your terms adequately limit your liability? Do they ensure that you get paid on time and protect your intellectual property?
It’s not just a case of having terms and conditions, you also need to ensure that those terms apply to every contract. This often means looking at your sales and purchase documents as well as training your sales staff.

Whether you're trading on standard terms and conditions of sale or purchase or entering into long term supply or purchasing agreements, we’ll draft and prepare the relevant documents and help you properly implement them.

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