The introduction of Employee Wellness Programmes

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The introduction of Employee Wellness Programmes

The introduction of Employee Wellness Programmes

The Office for National Statistics have issued a report highlighting that absenteeism in the private sector costs employers over £8 billion per year. This increasing cost of employee absenteeism is arguably a result of a lack of priority given by employers to support employee wellbeing.

Whilst the majority of employers ensure that employee health and safety and workplace environments meet full requirements, there has historically been a lack across many businesses to provide wellness programmes and policies to support employee wellbeing.

What are Employee Wellness Programmes?

Wellness Programmes are now becoming increasingly popular and many UK companies are seeing an introduction of Employee Wellness Programmes. The programmes include a number of benefits for both employees and employers, which should ultimately lead to a happy and more productive workforce.

Investing in employee wellness and support

Employee Wellness Programmes do not have to be made up solely of fitness and diet clubs. Many programmes include employee engagement programmes, stress buster exercises or team building events. The programmes are aimed at increasing employee morale by improving working environments and working relationships. This may include introducing employee fitness clubs, work social events or even a flexible working policy which will improve the work-life balance for many employees.

Potential gains to be made from investing in wellness programmes

A business is arguably only as good as the people who work in it, making employee welfare paramount to achieving commercial success. In order to achieve employee welfare, employers have to be prepared to invest in their employee’s wellbeing.

An increase in employee wellbeing is likely to result in a decrease in absenteeism; employees who are fit and well take less time off from work. Ensuring that all employees are well-looked after and have a support network around them can reduce any employment tribunal risks by ensuring early measures are put in place to support employees.

Wellness London, a company who encourage employee motivation and wellbeing, have said that a 360 degree approach is required; meaning that the greater the number of employees who achieve wellness, the greater the shift in the culture of a workplace resulting in a more productive and satisfied workforce.

Investments in employee welfare and wellbeing made by employers may also result in an improvement in workplace morale and employee productivity. The increase in Wellness Programmes that has been seen across the UK is a clear sign that many employers are putting employee welfare and the benefits that derive from investing in employee welfare at the forefront of their objectives and long term goals.

For further guidance on what you could do to enhance Employee Wellness, be that specific training regarding employee management, absence management or pastoral care within your organisation please contact our employment team on 0345 070 6000.