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Positive Horizon for Recruiters

Positive Horizon for Recruiters

With Brexit (yes, we did it, we said the “B” word) ever looming and a slight increase in the rate of unemployment at the end of 2017, the prospects of the 2018 UK employment market are unclear and overcast. However, within the recruitment sector this is by no means all bad news!

The Office for National Statistics has shown a fall in net EU migration driven by a reduction in EU citizens coming to the UK for work along with an increased number of EU citizens choosing to leave the UK. There is much uncertainty around the effect of Brexit on businesses, although there appears to be some consensus that it will cause a reduction in growth of the UK economy. These factors combined may be worrying for businesses that are (according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation) already battling with a skills shortage.

As employers struggle to fill vacancies, recruitment agencies are presented with a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the value in their service and buck the trend by growing off the back of a precarious job market.

A recent Confederation of British Industry survey found that half of those companies surveyed expected to recruit staff in 2018 and that their main concern was a shortage of workers with many worried about being able to attract overseas employees.

As businesses struggle to find talent this should make the process of lead generation easier and so presents an opportunity to grow your client base. However, the opposite is true of sourcing candidates and recruitment agencies looking to capitalise on a growing number of placement opportunities need to ensure they have sufficient resource to find candidates so as not to let new clients down. With this in mind, it is important as a recruitment agency to look internally and ask yourself if you have or are using your resources in the most efficient way. Do you need to take on more staff, invest in further IT services to reach more candidates or increase your marketing efforts?

If your recruitment agency is looking to take advantage of the opportunities in an uncertain market and you would like to see how we can help you in this process and ensure that your ‘legals’ are tip top for doing so, please do not hesitate to contact Gurpreet Sanghera or you can give us a call on 0345 070 6000.