The New Electronic Communications Code

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The New Electronic Communications Code

The New Electronic Communications Code

Legislation to amend the Electronic Communications Code contained in Schedule 2 of the Telecommunications Act 1984 (as amended by Schedule 3 of the Communications Act 2003) (the “Old Code”) has been one of the most awaited pieces of legislation for both site providers and operators with a vested interest in the communications sector.

Since its introduction in 1984 it’s been criticised as being complex and difficult to apply and in a world of digital technology that’s continually evolving, it struggled to keep up with the fast pace of changes in this market.

In a bid to accommodate this ever expanding industry, the Digital Economy Act 2017 has introduced a new Electronic Communications Code (the “New Code”). This came in to force on 28 December 2017.

What does this all mean? You can have a look at our articles below to find out more. 

These articles were written by our Telecommunications team, including Graham Jones, Lucie Kingsnorth, Batuhan Bikim and Victoria Dobson. If you would like further information on the New Code or any other telecommunications topics, please contact Victoria Dobson or you can give us a call on 0345 070 6000.