How not to treat employees and the costly consequences

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How not to treat employees and the costly consequences

How not to treat employees and the costly consequences

In an unlikely series of events, an elderly claimant, Ms Miles, worked sixty hour weeks as a housekeeper in a hotel for just £1.41 an hour. On top of all this, her employer, the hotel boss, refused her holidays for three years and sexually harassed her on three occasions*.

Ms Miles was awarded £55,194 in compensation by the employment tribunal for unauthorised deduction to wages, compensation for unfair dismissal, money for untaken holiday and compensation for injury to feelings as a result of the sexual harassment incidents.

The tribunal heard that Ms Miles was vulnerable as she had nowhere else to live, and was trapped in a difficult ‘master and servant’ relationship with her employer from which she felt there was no escape**.

While this is a somewhat extreme case, it still serves as a stark reminder to employers to ensure that they are complying with all relevant aspects of employment law for all of their employees.

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