Growthdeck investment into IFT and Dreamskin

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Growthdeck investment into IFT and Dreamskin

Growthdeck investment into IFT and Dreamskin

We recently acted for Growthdeck Limited in connection with their £527,000 investment into Dreamskin Health Limited ("Dreamskin") and Intelligent Fabric Technologies Limited ("iFabrics").

Growthdeck Limited is a well-established business, which provides tax-efficient and growth investment opportunities to an ever-growing network of private investors, partners and introducers. Dreamskin and iFabrics develop and supply a polymer technology for the treatment of various fabrics and nappies together with polymer treated clothing for the management of atopic eczema, atopic dermatitis and associated skin conditions.

Simon Emary, Growthdeck’s COO, commented: “For this transaction the EMW team needed a combination of tenacity and creativity which, I’m pleased to say, they delivered in spades. Thank you to all involved”.

Daisy Divoka, Senior Solicitor in our Corporate team, also commented: “We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to assist Growthdeck with yet another one of their investments. The equity investment into the two companies presented some challenges, which we managed to overcome with some lateral thinking. In the end, the investment was structured in such a way that Growthdeck’s investors should have the ability to benefit from an EIS status. We look forward to working with Growthdeck again in the new year”.

Our Corporate team was lead by Senior Solicitor Daisy Divoka and assisted by Solicitor Habiba Kasker.

For more information about this deal, please contact Daisy Divoka, or give us a call on 0345 070 6000.