Gender Pay Gap Reporting – What do you need to do?

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Gender Pay Gap Reporting – What do you need to do?

Gender Pay Gap Reporting – What do you need to do?

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) the pay gap between men and women has worsened through the pandemic*.

The deadline for reporting on the pay gap between employees is fast approaching and so below are some frequently asked questions in relation to gender pay gap reporting and what business needs to do to make sure that they are complying with the report.

What is a gender pay gap?

This is the difference between what an employer pays a male employee in comparison to what an employer pays a female employee.

Who needs to report on the gender pay gap?

Employers that have over 250 employees must file a report in relation to their gender pay cap.

How does a business file a report?

Employers need to file their report online using the government’s service, here

Getting the calculation right.

You will need to work out the difference between the average pay of female employees and the average pay of male employees. Once you have that figure you need to divide it by the average pay of the female employees. If the figure is negative then this would mean that the woman’s average pay was lower than the men’s.

What happens if a business fails to make a report?

During the pandemic the deadline for reporting on gender pay gaps was pushed back until 5 October 2021. The EHRC have confirmed that business that fail to report could receive unlimited fines, summary convictions and will be forced to publish their data in line with a court order.

Get in touch

Should you require further information in relation to gender gap reporting please do not hesitate to get in touch with Andra Stanton.

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*Gender pay gap regulation enforcement to start in October - The Equality and Human Rights Commission