Sanctions swell for sub-standard food and drink stores

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Sanctions swell for sub-standard food and drink stores

Sanctions swell for sub-standard food and drink stores

Food safety and hygiene convictions are twice as likely since new sentencing guidelines came into effect in 2016, a recent study by Government agency, the Sentencing Council, shows.

The study shows that over 90% of businesses and their representatives that fail to comply with food safety and hygiene regulations are being sanctioned with fines. Within 10 months of the new guidelines coming into play, fines handed out to businesses increased by around £5,000, raising the average fine to be in the region of £7,000. Around 5% of business representatives are alternatively (or additionally) receiving criminal sanctions such as community orders, suspended sentences and custodial sentences.

These findings are reassuring for the consumer, reflecting a movement towards accountability and transparency within the food and drink sectors. However, the increased severity of sanctions being issued highlights the importance of compliance for those heading up food and drink businesses. Restaurateurs and bar managers must ensure that their establishments are meeting food safety and hygiene standards to mitigate risks to the reputation of their businesses, to safeguard (potentially delicate) profit margins and, ultimately, to protect themselves from prosecution.

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This article was prepared by Jess Thomson.