EMW Wealth strengthens offering to clients… Settify

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EMW Wealth strengthens offering to clients… Settify

EMW Wealth strengthens offering to clients… Settify

We are delighted to be using Settify Probate for our Wealth clients so that we can provide a more customised experience for our high net worth individuals.

Building on from the successful launch of EMW Wealth, we are pleased to announce the roll out of a further additional service for our clients, this time focussed on the legal needs of those clients who require assistance in dealing with the administrations of estates and Probate matters.

EMW Wealth are one of only a few firms within the UK that have been given access to Settify Probate, adding to the existing use of Settify’s system for Wills & Estate Planning and Family Law related matters.

Settify Probate is a specialist online portal and software, embedded into our website, which is designed to support our clients in allowing them to provide key information to their legal advisors. The process is streamlined and allows clients to focus on the detail of their circumstances in a time efficient and cost-effective manner.

Nick Lloyd, Chairman of EMW says:

"This is an excellent addition to EMW Wealth’s offering to our clients, providing our clients with a flexible and intelligent approach to gathering information and thereby allowing us to focus on providing our clients with the advice they require. The new Probate portal also follows on from the successful integration of the Wills & Estate Planning portal and the Family Law portal, both of which have been well-received by our clients and their advisors."

Find out how Settify can help get you started, whether in ProbateEstate Planning, Tax and Trust or Family law.

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Our team are experienced in advising on all matters relating to general powers of attorney. Should you have any queries in relation to any of the points mentioned within this update please do not hesitate to get in touch with Stephen Smith