Company Accounts - Late Filing Penalties

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Company Accounts - Late Filing Penalties

Company Accounts - Late Filing Penalties

Did you know that failure to file your company’s accounts on time is actually a criminal offence?  As a consequence you will automatically incur a civil penalty, which increases the later the filing is made. 

The current penalty fees are:

In addition, Companies House introduced the doubling of the penalty for any company that files late having also filed late in the previous year.  You will also incur a penalty if you resubmit rejected accounts after the filing deadline, even if the accounts were originally filed on time. 

Where no accounts are filed, Companies House will apply for a compulsory strike off against the company which will result in the company being struck off of the register.  Should strike off occur, all your company’s assets could become the property of the Crown.

As part of our company secretarial retainer service we will send you a filing deadline reminder to help you avoid filing late. 

For further information on our company secretarial services, please contact the company secretarial team at or call 0345 070 6000.