Bumble closes its business to give staff a week’s break

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Bumble closes its business to give staff a week’s break

Bumble closes its business to give staff a week’s break

Whilst other firms have struggled to keep their business alive during the pandemic, Bumble (an online dating app that facilitates communication between interested users) seems to have flourished in these unprecedented times, growing up in popularity during the lockdown.

As more business for the employer often means more work for the employees, Bumble has recognised the danger of collective staff burnout and decided to provide its 700 or so staff with a ‘paid, fully offline one week vacation in June’. This decision was driven by its founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd, in an attempt to combat workplace stress and allow its staff to focus on their wellbeing and mental health.

Bumble’s actions seem to have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback. However, staff burnout is most certainly not an issue specific to them. Countless businesses have had to make staff redundant during the pandemic, which inevitably meant an increased workload for the remaining staff, who one might guess, often choose not to raise any wellbeing concerns in an attempt to ensure the security of their job. There has been increasing media coverage regarding staff burnout, including testimonials about long hours of work, unreasonable expectations and the detrimental effect on staff wellbeing.

Whilst it will be interesting to see if other employers decide to follow suit, one must wonder whether Bumble’s actions are a temporary as opposed to a long-term solution, and what other steps could a concerned employer take to tackle this issue. The answer will depend on the specific circumstances but we suspect that it will most likely involve creating an environment where employees feel safe to raise wellbeing concerns and looking at recruitment where it becomes apparent that the capacity of the existing staff is being stretched. 

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