Benefits and Drawbacks of Hybrid Working

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Hybrid Working

Benefits and Drawbacks of Hybrid Working

Back in July 2021, we wrote an article (which can be accessed here) explaining what hybrid working is and why we believed it is here to stay.

Three months down the line, is this still the case? A report by Poly following a survey of 7,261 hybrid workers across Europe and the UAE (including over 2,000 from the UK) gives us a bit of an insight into the benefits and perceived drawbacks of hybrid working.

In a nutshell, the report reveals that:

  • 71% of UK workers believed that traditional 9 to 5 working hours have been replaced by flexible ‘anytime working’;
  • 60% felt that anytime working left them unable to relax or switch off from work;
  • 64% believed they got more work done working from home and 60% were concerned that noise from colleagues would break their concentration if they returned to the workplace;
  • 46% were concerned that working remotely would have a negative impact on their career development and progression;
  • 54% were concerned that working remotely would mean that they missed out on learning from peers and senior colleagues;
  • 48% were concerned that working remotely adversely impacted their ability to effectively communicate and work with colleagues; and
  • 57% believed that hybrid or home workers could be discriminated against, or treated differently, to full-time office workers.

Albeit the results are rather mixed, there still seems to be a strong movement towards hybrid working. But how could employers introduce hybrid working whilst ensuring that the above concerns are effectively dealt with? The report advises, amongst other things, that equality of experience is key to the success of a long-term hybrid working model, with all workers being given the proper IT resources, equipment and support necessary.

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