Stress related sickness

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Stress related sickness

Stress related sickness

Jane, a manager with over 20 years service was subjected to criticism, over a period of time, from her Director, Simon who was some 10 years younger. Simon was relatively new to the post and was determined to impose tighter performance criteria. Many of his complaints about Jane may have been warranted but a formal process had never begun.

Eventually, Jane went off sick with stress and remained absent for 12 months.

The Company wanted to resolve the situation by getting her back to work or, if for some reason that was not possible, by terminating.

There were dangers to the business that a legal action brought by Jane through the Tribunal could drag on indefinitely incurring substantial cost (likely cost of additional management / legal time £50k plus any compensation /damages).

For her part, Jane needed closure. She too knew that a legal action would take a long time, could be expensive and the result would be far from predictable.


Within one day. Jane felt that she would like to put the whole matter behind her and move on with a fresh start. She was allowed to resign with an agreed reference and a termination payment was made to her, subject to a standard compromise agreement.