Discrimination claim

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Discrimination claim

Discrimination claim

Daniel is 56 years old and worked for a major Utilities Company. He is of African descent.

His career had progressed well, except for the last 2 years, during which time Daniel felt that his salary had been suppressed, he had not received the support and training given to white managers of a similar status and he had been increasingly excluded from meetings. Some of his responsibilities had changed.

The business, had undergone continuous change which had proved demanding and stressful for all.

Daniel brought a grievance against his manager and also lodged a claim with the Employment Tribunal for race and age discrimination.

The company denied all claims. Although, they feared a long and expensive tribunal battle. They also had some reservations about one of the witnesses, Daniel’s boss who believed Daniel to be lazy.

Daniel’s representative also had concerns. She knew that the discrimination claims were less than clear-cut.

The case was resolved during the course of one day. As elements of Daniel’s role had changed, it was agreed that Daniel would be made redundant on the company’s enhanced terms. A reference was agreed.

Prior to mediation, the company had felt unable to float suggestions without prejudicing their legal position and Daniel had not wanted to display an apparent lack of commitment to the business, without being sure that he could negotiate beneficial terms.