Bullying allegation

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Bullying allegation

Bullying allegation

During the past six months, a new manager (David) had taken over the region in which Mary worked.

Prior to that time, she had been happy at work, had got on well with the old manager and had received good performance ratings. Mary felt, however, that nothing was ever right in the eyes of her new manager.

The relationship disintegrated completely to the extent that there was complete mistrust. They constantly argued, would not listen and continuously talked over the other.

The root cause of the problem was that David decided, early on, that Mary was not good enough. He felt that she had charmed her way to decent appraisal ratings in the past. David also felt that Mary was a bad influence on the culture of the Region.

Mary saw the pressure as bullying.

Mary was reluctant to follow the grievance procedure as she felt that other managers might feel obliged to support a fellow manager. The hidden costs to the business were significant with a continuing impact on both branch and customer relationships.

Resolved by mediation:

IT was agreed that Mary would move to smaller site with revised duties, in an adjoining Region with a shorter travelling distance from home. She had felt unable to suggest this to management, who could have interpreted her comments as agreeing that she was not up to the job.

It was also agreed that there would be no future contact with her previous manager.