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New statutory forms

From 1st October 2009, current Companies House forms cannot be used. The only exception is if  an event to which the form relates occurred prior to 1st October.  Otherwise, the form will be rejected and the new style must be completed.

The main change to the forms is the deletion of the numbers (e.g. form 288a (appointment of a director/company secretary), form 287 (change of registered office)).  These numbers correspond with the relevant sections in the Companies Act 1985 and will, therefore, no longer be valid.

There are in the region of 200 forms required by the Companies Act 2006 (“the Act”), some are revised versions of existing forms and some are completely new. All forms will now have a number which corresponds with the event, a description of the event and a reference to the particular section of the Act to which the form relates. For example, the appointment of a new director will be form “AP01 – Appointment of a Director”.  The reference to the section of the Act is placed at the top left-hand corner of the form.

Companies House are encouraging companies to file forms electronically and EMW Picton Howell LLP has the ability and the software in place to do this on your behalf.

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