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  • Real Estate - Spring 2015
    NEW: Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
    Residential landlords! Will you fall at the first hurdle? Restrictions on serving a notice to end an AST 
    TOP TRUMP - The power of a competent landlord to trump intermediate landlords in lease extension negotiations
    Altogether now! Business partners and their rights to apply for a new lease 
    Under (less) pressure! Environmental Impact Assessment reforms look to ease pressure on development 
    Relax - New guidance details the relaxation of section 106 planning obligations
  • Commercial - Winter 2014
    Copyright - the 2039 rule
    The "non-binding" nature of Memoranda of Agreement
    Data protection update - the law behind the CCTV
    Terminating at will - a good thing?
    The so-called "right to be forgotten" 
    Advertising update - the importance of displaying the correct price
    Stopping your ex-franchisees from competing

  • Employment - Winter 2014
    Overtime should be included in the calculation of holiday pay 
    It may not always be sensible for employers to respond to a breach of the employment contract 
    Employers are falling foul of the new equal pay audit regulations   
    The nuances of Early Conciliation and its implications for Employment Tribunal time limits  
    Zero Hours contracts continue to hit the headlines 

  • Real Estate - Winter 2014
    The Energy Act 2011 - What's it all about? 
    What's the latest on permitted development?
    We can't guarantee you can guarantee! 
    Rates and Reliefs
    Ensuring tenant fit out projects are insured

  • Food - Winter 2014
    Food information
    Government buying standards
    Enforcing the grocery code
    Stop Press - commercial catering investigation
    Domain names
    European Commission to tackle unfair practices in the food supply chain
    Zero-hour contracts

  • Dispute Resolution - Autumn 2014
    The Defamation Bill - an update for website operators 
    The decision of the Court of Appeal in Mitchell v News Group Newspapers Limited 
    Right to be forgotten
    Tidal Energy Ltd v Bank of Scotland Plc  
  • Employment - Autumn 2014
    Employees' rights in the hot weather 
    Can compelling an employee to attend an interview be discriminatory? 
    Are you ready for the new Shared Parental Leave regime?   
    Can a change of location following a TUPE transfer give rise to a constructive dismissal claim?  
    A case of an employee jumping before he was pushed? 
  • Commercial - Autumn 2014
    The importance of clearly worded commercial contracts
    IT/IP update: Internet browsing is not copyright infringement - Meltwater revisited
    How material is that breach really?
    The ASA clamps down on misleading advertising
    Is the deed done?
    New public procurement rules
    Aldi's Miracle oil held not to infringe Moroccanoil

  • Employment - Summer 2014
    Drafting error on letter did not amount to disability discrimination
    Employees on "sleep shift" are entitled to be paid
    Age discriminatory comment was not a material factor in the employee's constructive dismissal 
    Whistleblowing: The distinction between the manner of complaining and the actual complaint 
    Covert recordings taken by employees
    ACAS Early Conciliation   
    Can dismissal for absence due to post-natal depression amount to discrimination?
  • Insolvency - Summer 2014
    Going back for the future
    It's up and it's down
    Bankrupt can't squirrel income away...
    TUPE or not TUPE
  • Commercial - Spring 2014
    High Court considers the nature of electronic signatures
    Data protection - Fines, fines and more fines?
    What's in a name?
    Significant Supreme Court decision about misrepresentation
    Assigning a contract without consent
    Commercial agency update
    Ministry of Sound v Spotify
    Did you know?
  • Commercial - Winter 2014
    Can you refuse to supply?
    How much is your partnership worth?
    Consumer rights in 2014
    Important changes to consumer credit regulation
    HMRC - Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnerships review December 2013
    Notice periods - know where you stand
    IT/IP update: copyright protection for software
    Government consultation late payment of finance: building a responsible payment culture
  • Employment - Winter 2013
    Can a restrictive covenant constitute an unreasonable restraint of trade?
    How far does an employer have to go when considering reasonable adjustments?
    Constructive dismissal: what is the necessary causation?
    Costs order following unsubstantiated allegations of race discrimination
    Irrelevant factors when assessing the difference between comparators in age discrimination
    Frustration of a contract due to disability
    Requirements for an employment relationship
    “Work for your benefits” scheme 
  • Real Estate - Winter 2013
    Failing to (check your) plan is planning to fail - the importance of plans in an property transaction
    Title review - a dull part of the routine or a key step in any transaction?
    Conditional contracts - a checklist of planning matters
    Prescription - 'without force, stealth or licence'
    Commercial property - an open door to squatters?
    Parking rights
    Some light relief for (newly built) commercial properties
    CRAR - a well thought out acronym for the new commercial rent arrears recovery procedure
    When suspending works is a breach of development agreement
  • Dispute Resolution - Autumn 2013
    A stricter approach to failure to comply with Court rules
    Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution
    Litigants in person - representing yourself
    Reforms to Civil Litigation costs
    Draft Consumer Rights Bill - Office of Fair Trading publish response
    Fairstar Heavy Transport N.V. Adkins & Anor [2013] EWCA Civ 886
    Cadbury loses its purple trade mark following Court of Appeal decision
    EMW wins landmark victory in Madoff Securities lawsuit
  • Commercial - Autumn 2013
    Who's looking at you?
    IT update: Cloud Computing and Data Protection
    Cartel offence no longer requires dishonesty
    Contract update: the importance of investigating the identity of the other party
    IP update: BSkyB wins trademark infringement claim regarding Microsoft's "Skydrive" Cloud Service
    Misleading price advertisements
    Competition law update: restricting online sales in a distribution network

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