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  • Employment - Summer 2014
    Drafting error on letter did not amount to disability discrimination
    Employees on "sleep shift" are entitled to be paid
    Age discriminatory comment was not a material factor in the employee's constructive dismissal 
    Whistleblowing: The distinction between the manner of complaining and the actual complaint 
    Covert recordings taken by employees
    ACAS Early Conciliation   
    Can dismissal for absence due to post-natal depression amount to discrimination?
  • Insolvency - Summer 2014
    Going back for the future
    It's up and it's down
    Bankrupt can't squirrel income away...
    TUPE or not TUPE
  • Commercial - Spring 2014
    High Court considers the nature of electronic signatures
    Data protection - Fines, fines and more fines?
    What's in a name?
    Significant Supreme Court decision about misrepresentation
    Assigning a contract without consent
    Commercial agency update
    Ministry of Sound v Spotify
    Did you know?
  • Commercial - Winter 2014
    Can you refuse to supply?
    How much is your partnership worth?
    Consumer rights in 2014
    Important changes to consumer credit regulation
    HMRC - Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnerships review December 2013
    Notice periods - know where you stand
    IT/IP update: copyright protection for software
    Government consultation late payment of finance: building a responsible payment culture
  • Employment - Winter 2013
    Can a restrictive covenant constitute an unreasonable restraint of trade?
    How far does an employer have to go when considering reasonable adjustments?
    Constructive dismissal: what is the necessary causation?
    Costs order following unsubstantiated allegations of race discrimination
    Irrelevant factors when assessing the difference between comparators in age discrimination
    Frustration of a contract due to disability
    Requirements for an employment relationship
    “Work for your benefits” scheme 
  • Real Estate - Winter 2013
    Failing to (check your) plan is planning to fail - the importance of plans in an property transaction
    Title review - a dull part of the routine or a key step in any transaction?
    Conditional contracts - a checklist of planning matters
    Prescription - 'without force, stealth or licence'
    Commercial property - an open door to squatters?
    Parking rights
    Some light relief for (newly built) commercial properties
    CRAR - a well thought out acronym for the new commercial rent arrears recovery procedure
    When suspending works is a breach of development agreement
  • Dispute Resolution - Autumn 2013
    A stricter approach to failure to comply with Court rules
    Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution
    Litigants in person - representing yourself
    Reforms to Civil Litigation costs
    Draft Consumer Rights Bill - Office of Fair Trading publish response
    Fairstar Heavy Transport N.V. Adkins & Anor [2013] EWCA Civ 886
    Cadbury loses its purple trade mark following Court of Appeal decision
    EMW wins landmark victory in Madoff Securities lawsuit
  • Commercial - Autumn 2013
    Who's looking at you?
    IT update: Cloud Computing and Data Protection
    Cartel offence no longer requires dishonesty
    Contract update: the importance of investigating the identity of the other party
    IP update: BSkyB wins trademark infringement claim regarding Microsoft's "Skydrive" Cloud Service
    Misleading price advertisements
    Competition law update: restricting online sales in a distribution network

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