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  • Commercial - Spring 2014
    High Court considers the nature of electronic signatures
    Data protection - Fines, fines and more fines?
    What's in a name?
    Significant Supreme Court decision about misrepresentation
    Assigning a contract without consent
    Commercial agency update
    Ministry of Sound v Spotify
    Did you know?

  • Commercial - Winter 2014
    Can you refuse to supply?
    How much is your partnership worth?
    Consumer rights in 2014
    Important changes to consumer credit regulation
    HMRC - Limited Liability Partnerships and Partnerships review December 2013
    Notice periods - know where you stand
    IT/IP update: copyright protection for software
    Government consultation late payment of finance: building a responsible payment culture
  • Employment - December 2013
    Can a restrictive covenant constitute an unreasonable restraint of trade?
    How far does an employer have to go when considering reasonable adjustments?
    Constructive dismissal: what is the necessary causation?
    Costs order following unsubstantiated allegations of race discrimination
    Irrelevant factors when assessing the difference between comparators in age discrimination
    Frustration of a contract due to disability
    Requirements for an employment relationship
    “Work for your benefits” scheme 
  • Real Estate - Winter 2013
    Failing to (check your) plan is planning to fail - the importance of plans in an property transaction
    Title review - a dull part of the routine or a key step in any transaction?
    Conditional contracts - a checklist of planning matters
    Prescription - 'without force, stealth or licence'
    Commercial property - an open door to squatters?
    Parking rights
    Some light relief for (newly built) commercial properties
    CRAR - a well thought out acronym for the new commercial rent arrears recovery procedure
    When suspending works is a breach of development agreement
  • Dispute Resolution - Autumn 2013
    A stricter approach to failure to comply with Court rules
    Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution
    Litigants in person - representing yourself
    Reforms to Civil Litigation costs
    Draft Consumer Rights Bill - Office of Fair Trading publish response
    Fairstar Heavy Transport N.V. Adkins & Anor [2013] EWCA Civ 886
    Cadbury loses its purple trade mark following Court of Appeal decision
    EMW wins landmark victory in Madoff Securities lawsuit
  • Commercial - Autumn 2013
    Who's looking at you?
    IT update: Cloud Computing and Data Protection
    Cartel offence no longer requires dishonesty
    Contract update: the importance of investigating the identity of the other party
    IP update: BSkyB wins trademark infringement claim regarding Microsoft's "Skydrive" Cloud Service
    Misleading price advertisements
    Competition law update: restricting online sales in a distribution network
  • Employment - September 2013
    The new Employment Tribunal Rules
    Employee Shareholders
    Reasonable adjustments and absence
    Changes to the Whistleblowing regime
    Implied terms arising out of custom and practice
    Subject Access Requests: Code of Practice
    Carrying forward annual leave
    New employer's liability for employee's previous breach of confidence
    Unfair dismissal compensatory award
    Has your employee handbook been reviewed in the last 2 years?
  • Insolvency - Summer 2013
    Enforcements of guarantees/bonds
    Recoverability of legal fees on a winding up petition
    Red Tape Challenge: Insolvency law changes that will simplify procedures
    The High Court adopts flexible interpretation of "fraudulent transactions"
    Supreme Court clarifies the definition of contingent provable debts and gives guidance on what is an expense of the administration
    High Court grants permission to appeal issue on classification of rent as an administration expense
    BIS discussion paper on Insolvency
  • Food - Summer 2013
    Yoghurt - is it all Greek?
    Wheatgerm - is it healthy for you?
    Spilt milk?
    Dealing with product liability
    Food labelling - traffic lights
  • Commercial - Summer 2013
    Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013
    Partnerships: new consultation on two aspects of the tax rules
    OFT investigates personalised pricing practices
    Audit rights in commercial contracts: what will you let them see?
    When good faith is required: an update
    How can you protect the IP in software?
    Consumer contracts: the High Court considers the definition of 'consumer'
    IP/IT Update: understanding the Trade Mark Clearing House

  • Employment - May 2013
    Disability: cause, effect and obesity
    Covert recordings can be admissible as evidence, providing you apply properly!
    Vague claims of victimisation are not enough
    Question: when is a Limited Liability Partnership not a Limited Liability Partnership?
    Assessing injury to feelings and aggravated damages in discrimination cases
    Is it possible to be overcautious in avoiding bias in redundancy selection?
    A final written warning may indeed be final
    Following the correct process is as easy as A,B,C... or is it?

  • Food - Spring 2013
    The great horsemeat scandal 2013
    In a labelling jam
    Health Claims
    Groceries Adjudicator to have power to fine supermarkets
    OFT principles for food and drink price offers and promotions

  • Commercial - Spring 2013
    Standard Terms & Conditions - a refresher
    Franchising Round Up
    When good faith is required
    The issue of economic duress: is the contract void?
    Public procurement: Turning Point v Norfolk County Council
    International commercial agency agreements
    IT/IP Update: are millions of internet users unwittingly committing copyright infringement?

  • Employment - February 2013
    What's new in 2013?
    ECHR Religious Discrimination Judgment
    Are you ready for RTI?
    Polkey v Reinstatement Orders
    Incorporating Contractual Terms
    Employment Tribunal Charges and Compensation Limits
    New Statutory Payment Rates
    Implied terms arising out of custom and practice
    Subject Access Requests
    Code of Practice Carrying forward annual leave
    New employer's liability for employee's previous breach of confidence
    Unfair dismissal compensatory award
    Has your employee handbook been reviewed in the last 2 years?

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